My Projects


Kayak is a package manager intended for Roblox developers using Rojo.

Project: Titan

Project: Titan is an ambitious project some friends and I are working on under the banner of 'Midnight Interactive Studios'. It will release in September 2020.


Animations: Mocap

I'm the technical director for Animations: Mocap. This involves programming the games code and working with contracted developers and the game's producers to release new content.

Animations: Mocap has over 87.9 million plays and thousands of peak CCU.

Bloxxed Hotels 8

As the Director-General of SM Games AB, a game development and publishing studio based in Sweden, I was responsible for overseeing the Bloxxed Hotels v8 project as the producer.

As producer, I oversaw the development, providing criticism, advise, and the programming side of game development. Bloxxed Hotels has over 16.8 million plays.

Keyon Air

I am a major contributor for the Keyon Air series (Keyon Air: Flight Simulator, and Keyon Air: Pilot Training Simulator). I have programmed various parts of the game, and currently am the community manager for Keyon Air. Flight Simulator has over 35.2 million plays.

This list does not include ‘meme’ or joke games.