About Me

Hello, I’m Elliott. I’m a teenager from London with an interest with law, sociology, psychology, business and economics, politics, railways, electronics, technology, programming, and game design. I’m currently doing my GCSEs in Sociology, Psychology, Business Studies, and History.

I am currently proficient in JavaScript and Luau (Roblox’s fork of Lua). I consider myself skilled in TypeScript and web development, including CSS and Nuxt (Vue).

I know Ruby, Java, Git, Bash, Python, and MySQL just well enough to pass by (e.g. this site is built using Jekyll). I have experience building Discord bots, Roblox games, tooling, web applications and servers (including the Nunjucks and EJS templating languages), as well as node modules. I’ve also used AWS, Heroku, Glitch, and DigitalOcean.

I am currently working on improving my experience in managing web servers. I’m working on learning Caddy, a far better version of NGINX. I’m working on a game with a few friends called ‘Project Titan’, and building a number of open-source projects.

Software wise, I have experience using Photoshop and a few other Adobe programs, paint.net, Roblox Studio, Visual Studio Code.